Party at Bob's

Capn' Patch and his crew

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.


I'm adorable darn you! Take my picture.

Unkie Chris holding Alex while Alex tries to drink his bottle.

Alex wants a refil.

Yes sir! I'll move this stool out of the way.

Alex knows where the real action is.

I TOLD YOU NO PICTURES!! Now I'm gonna' rip that camera from you and smack you with it!

Matt, Paul, and Jim intently watching the tube.

Chris and Bridget. I wonder how many beers Chris has had? :)

Bridget's brother Chris

Jenn, Bob, Bridget and Chris

A wide angle of the guys and Christine.

Can someone help me move this chair?

Alex trying to move his chair to a better viewing position after recieving no help from the onlookers..

Attack of the Guts. Staring from left to right: Shawn, Matt, Bob N., Jim, Paul, Steve, Chris, and Bob B.

Daddy Dinsdale and baby Alex all pooped out after a hard day of play.