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I bet Eileen wishes someone would carry her so she could sleep. Our plane was canceled and we are now waiting for a standby flight.

Eileen puts a hat on Theresa's head for the trip.

Theresa and mom arrive in New Hampshire.

Ahh finaly out of the airplane.

Ahh a solid? surface to sleep on.

Ohhh. This feels soooo good.

Eileen and Theresa waiting at the gate for their ride to a comfortable bed.

Theresa meets her great-grandmother for the first time.

Little Fritz playing with his teady bear.

Fritz claims another victim.

Most of the gang. Yes there are more that couldn't be here.

Two more at the other end of the table. And that still doesn't cover everyone.

Theresa and mom at the airport on their way back to Chicago.

Grandma gives Theresa one last hug before she goes.

Theresa putting up with mom as she walks around the kids room at the airport.

Yay! We are back and we survived.

This isn't that much more comfortable than the plane seat.

Okay, since I like this outfit you can take a picture of me in it. But make it quick I want to sleep.