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Picture of a flower sent by Alex to Theresa. How sweet.

Another picture of flowers. This time sent by Paul and Christine.

Sleeping Theresa with mom's flanel shirt to keep her warm.

Another Sleeping Theresa, this time with one of her favorite blankets.

Close up of Theresa's face as she sleeps.

Uncle Bob playing with Daddy's other baby. Oh, and Daddy's bum saying hello to the camera.

An unkempt Uncle Bob. Is that a beard or was he in a chocolate cake eating contest?

Uncle Bob and Daddy Tom paying no head to the camera.

Uncle Bob and Daddy playing with Theresa after a successful diaper change. Don't ask what an unsucessful one is like.

Opps. They spotted the camera.

Umm, what was I going to say?

Theresa sneeking up on the camera.

Getting closer.

She's seen she's been spotted.

Maybe if I crouch real low I can hide again.

Almost at her prey.

She's getting ready to pounce.

She GOT you!!!

Now to sneak away.

Quiet little baby minding her business.

Here comes Daddy to break into her tranquility.

Phew! He left.

You know I realy hate it when he does that.

A picture of Nana holding Theresa as she tries to read the colors of the quilt.

She took this one to autograph for her fans.

Theresa showing Daddy something on the computer.