640x480 Fine:

Tom staring down the camera.
Eileen caught in the act of washing dishes.
Eileen whistling while she washes dishes.
Pictures of Chris and Bridget and Tom and Eileen.
The Great Throne.
Eileen Sitting on the couch drinking water.
A vase of flowers
Eileen under Dalek attack, while she sits on the couch.
Tom in the living room.
Eileen taking a picture of the camera man.
The side of the refridgerator.
Eileen coming up from the dungeon after facing the demon doctorate proposal.
Eileen proud after making an excellent dinner.
Eileen has her eye on you; you better be good!
Tom giving his look of hate to the camera.
A shelf of knick-knacks.

1024x768 Standard:

Eileen summoning up her Chi.
Tom and Eileen sitting on the couch posing.